Top 5: Luxury Eyeshadows

My list of top 5 luxury eyeshadows that are worth the money


Favorite Lipsticks: Luxury

Read about all of my favorite luxury lipsticks, from Tom Ford to Chanel and all the way to Bite Beauty.


Photoshoot with the amazing artist Ben Cooke-Akaiwa photographed by the talented Jonathon Cooke-Akaiwa. Check out the photos!

I’m Back Baby!

Unfortunately, when blogging isn’t your career the other things in life tend to take precedence. Writing a simple blog post goes on the back burner and it isn’t until you have time again that it ever gets done. Luckily for me the school semester has ended and summer break has begun, meaning that I once…

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is less than two weeks away so we are getting down to the wire on buying presents. Just in case you too are a last minute shopper, I have listed below some last minute gift ideas. Space NK’s Holiday Edit $185 is a great gift to give for someone who loves high quality beauty…

Unboxing: Sephora Play! No.3

Last week I received the 3rd Sephora Play! Box. This box’s theme was “The Exclusives” and was filled with products that can only be found at Sephora. This box came with an oil, a primer, an eyeliner, two lip products, and a fragrance. All of the products in the box this month are of excellent…

Sephora VIB Sale Haul: Perfume and Lip Balm

When my perfume runs out at the end of the year I look at it as an opportunity to change my signature scent. I like to think that this minor change represents growth in my life, in my age, in my maturity, and in my mental state. I like to think that every year I…

What I purchased in London

I have been in London for a few days now and I have walked many miles, seen many sites, and bought a number of products that are not easily attained in the states. So far I have bought mostly makeup, some nail polish, and a few odds and ends. I haven’t gone crazy with the amount…

Travel Essentials: Makeup

I own a lot of makeup and I tend to mix up the products I use everyday which isn’t practical for travel, so I have edited down the products I am taking with me on my trip. The products I chose were based on quality, ease of use, and ones that need as little tools and…

Monthly Favorites: September

During the month of September I tried numerous new products and loved almost all of them, and because the month has come to an end I’m going to share the items that really stood out from the rest. I’m including my favorite beauty products, fashion items, and other random little things that I enjoyed last month….