London: Where to Shop

A list of my top five shopping destinations in London



Photoshoot with the amazing artist Ben Cooke-Akaiwa photographed by the talented Jonathon Cooke-Akaiwa. Check out the photos!

I’m Back Baby!

Unfortunately, when blogging isn’t your career the other things in life tend to take precedence. Writing a simple blog post goes on the back burner and it isn’t until you have time again that it ever gets done. Luckily for me the school semester has ended and summer break has begun, meaning that I once…

New Purchase: United Nude

While I was in Barcelona I happened upon a small store that had the most amazing architectural shoes created by the company United Nude. United Nude is a London based company that was started by an architect who was trying to win back his ex with a unique pair of shoes. The romantic gesture was inspirational…

Unboxing: Rent the Runway Unlimited

Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Program is one of the best services for fashion lovers. That is because it lets you wear designer pieces for a more affordable monthly price, and it gives you the ability to trade those pieces out as much as you want. I have been a part of this program from the…

The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition

On Sunday morning I was lucky enough to attend The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery in London. This event will go down as the best exhibition I have ever been to. The exhibit was spectacular because it was executed perfectly from the garden outside, to the small amount of people allowed in each…

Monthly Favorites: September

During the month of September I tried numerous new products and loved almost all of them, and because the month has come to an end I’m going to share the items that really stood out from the rest. I’m including my favorite beauty products, fashion items, and other random little things that I enjoyed last month….