Top 5: Luxury Eyeshadows

fullsizeoutput_118c.jpegAs with all makeup products I have a love of eyeshadows (surprise, surprise). I’m not one to wear eyeshadow on a regular basis but that hasn’t stopped me from accumulating a wide array of shades to achieve any makeup look that I desire. My collection ranges from drugstore to high-end with the high-end brands being my favorite (I know such a shock). For the most part the eyeshadows in my collection are fairly neutral and can be worn on any occasion but can be intensified and smoked out for a beautiful look for a night out on the town. Below you can read all about my top five luxury eyeshadows in my collection.

Tom Ford


One of my favorite eyeshadows is Tom Ford’s Eye Quad in the Shade 11 Lavender Lust ($80, since been discontinued). I purchased this a while back at the Cosmetics Company Store who sells products at a discounted price that are overstocked, limited-edition, or sometimes discontinued. At the time, this palette was overstocked and I was able to purchase it for $55. If you haven’t noticed I talk about the Cosmetics Company Store every time I bring up Tom Ford because although they don’t always have the brand in stock, the specific product, or the shade you’re looking for; this is the best way to purchase Tom Ford products at a discount. Tom Ford is a very expensive brand with their eyeshadow quads retailing for $80 and their lipsticks for $50, but at the Cosmetics Company Store the eyeshadows are sold at $55 and the lipsticks at $35, making the products far more affordable and realistic to purchase. So if you want to make a trip to the outlet mall you should definitely stop here and see what they have in stock (a stock that changes frequently).

Getting back to the eyeshadow, this is one of my favorites because of it’s high pigmentation, buttery texture, and it’s longevity. I also like that this has a purple color palette because I tend to only wear neutral brown tone shadows. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an unwearable purple, it’s the kind of purple that I would classify as a neutral. The purple provides a nice change because it makes more of a statement than a brown shadow but still isn’t too intense. The shadow is also fairly build-able so you can blend it out to be light or darken it for more intensity. The shadows have a nice shine to them with some edging on glittery while others edge towards matte; adding to the palette’s versatility. This is the perfect palette for a beautiful sexy smokey eye for your night out.


Charlotte Tilbury 


Another favorite of mine is the limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury’s Fallen Angel Eyeshadow Palette ($65, since been discontinued). This is such a great dynamic neutral palette because the shadows have an interesting shine that adds dimension to your eye look. The shadows have good pigmentation and longevity but do require some layering to achieve your desired intensity. I find this helps to give you more control because you don’t accidentally apply too much shadow and end up blending like a fiend. This also comes in a compact size that makes it easy to travel with, and the shadows even have little stars on them which make it all the more adorable. I have yet to try the other Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes but this one makes me want to try them all the more.




If you are looking for a high quality starter palette, look no further than the Lorac Pro Palette ($44). This palette has everything you need to create a beautiful neutral eye look. There are 16 shadows in all with the top row being all matte shadows and the bottom row being all shimmery shadows. This is one of the best palettes you can buy and is one that I turn to consistently because of it’s buttery high pigment shadows that last all day and all night. With this palette you can create natural or dramatic looks with ease that can use exclusively matte or shimmery shadows or mix the two. This really is one of the best palettes you can invest in and if you don’t happen to love the color options of this palette you can check out the Lorac Pro Palette 2 which has a cooler tone or the Lorac Pro Palette 3 which has a pink tone.




My list would not be complete without Chanel’s Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in the shade 204 Tissé Vendôme ($61). Chanel is the ultimate high-end brand that screams luxury the moment you see the logo on the packaging. The packaging is black, sleek, and very Chanel and makes the eyeshadow inside feel all the more special. The quality of the shadows are excellent, last all day, and once you swirl your brush around a few times you get great pigmentation. What I love about this particular shade is that you have three typical slightly shimmery brown toned shadows while the fourth shadow is a complementary pink. The pink is what sold me to this palette because I felt like I was buying something unique, something that would take a normal neutral eye look to a new unexpected level. I really love this palette and I use it any time I want to mix things up a little.




Burberry makes really beautiful eyeshadows. Everything about the product is beautiful from the packaging, to the famous Burberry check pattern on the shadows, to the magnetic closure, all the way to the quality of the product. Everything about it is beautiful, which is why I have two of Burberry’s Eye Color – Wet & Dry Silk Shadows in the shades No. 204 Mulberry and in No. 302 Taupe Brown ($29.50). I love using these shadows even if it’s only to open and close the packaging (I love magnets) but I keep coming back to them because the quality of the shadows are excellent. The shadows are fairly matte but have a smooth texture that is easy to apply and stays in place until you take it off. I really love the pigmentation and the intensity of the shadows and would love to purchase this in even more shades because it is just that good. If you haven’t tried these out yet I highly recommend you do.

On left Taupe Brown, on right Mulberry

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my top 5 luxury eyeshadows and that I’ve inspired you to give some of them a try. If you enjoyed reading this post please follow my blog, like this post, and leave a comment telling me about your favorite eye shadows. I always love hearing your recommendations.


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