Let’s Talk Probiotics

It is no mystery that eating well leads to better skin. When so many of the foods we enjoy are inflammatories it’s no wonder that achieving perfect skin can seem like an endless battle that can’t be won no matter how great your skincare routine is. All my favorite things tend to contain sugar and gluten (french fries and dessert are my weakness), of course there are diets (check out the Perricone MD Anti-Inflammatory Diet it’s one of the best), but I am not strong enough to completely change the way I eat. I know that eating less inflammatory foods are not only better for my skin but are better for my health overall, and let’s admit my waistband as well. But I’m not someone who wants to live in misery looking wistfully at all of the food I can no longer consume and feeling hateful of all the people who still eat them. It doesn’t make me feel superior, it just makes me miserable. So when I heard that taking Probiotics could be my path to better skin, I had to take it, because how could I ever say goodbye to french fries?

So you might be thinking why would probiotics clear up my skin? Well the answer to that is eating probiotic heavy foods such as yogurt or taking a supplement adds to the amount of good bacteria in the gut which then fights inflammation and leads to better digestive function. The reason probiotics can benefit skin is because it fights inflammation which is the cause of many types of irritated skin (think acne, rosacea, and dryness). So in simpler terms probiotics work from the inside out which eventually benefits skin.

Unfortunately taking probiotics in the pursuit of clearer skin takes some patience. This is not one of those times where you are going to wake up the next morning or the next week with noticeably clearer skin, this is something that probably won’t show results until at least a month or as long as three. But let me tell you, since I’ve been taking probiotics since early May my skin has been consistently clearer than ever before. My skin has reached a level of clearness where I don’t have more than 3 active breakouts at a time and sometimes non at all, this is something I never thought would be possible for me because I have suffered from severe acne since I was in elementary school and it has only been in the past few years that my skin has turned a corner into something that I am pretty proud of. My pursuit of clear skin has been a long hard battle that I feel that I’m finally starting to win.

Even if you don’t suffer from breakouts, rosacea, dryness, or really any problems at all I still highly recommend jumping on the Probiotic Band Wagon. It is something that could really change your skin for the better, and newer studies are coming out saying that it can help those with aging skin and even work as a preventative for those of us who are younger. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t give probiotics a try.

One last thing, before you go to the store and buy a probiotic supplement make sure to find the best one for you because not all are equal and many are also very expensive. I ended up purchasing Nutrition Now’s PB8 because it has a high ranking and is still budget friendly.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!



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  1. Thanks for the information. I want to try too. I want to breakout less. 😃

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    1. It works really well and is one of the easiest things to add to your routine.

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