New Purchase: United Nude

While I was in Barcelona I happened upon a small store that had the most amazing architectural shoes created by the company United Nude. United Nude is a London based company that was started by an architect who was trying to win back his ex with a unique pair of shoes. The romantic gesture was inspirational to the start of the brand and ever since their first release in 2003, United Nude has been recognized as the leader in architectural footwear.

United Nude’s designs are truly special, and are the perfect addition to any It Girl’s collection. I fell in love with the company in Barcelona and couldn’t help but buy a pair of shoes for myself. I ended up purchasing their bestselling Fold Mid in Black Riz ($219). These are made with silicon neoprene and have a 2.6″ heel that is comfortable to walk in. What I love most about this particular style is that from afar they look like a typical pair of black heeled boots, but up close you can see the unique finishes. Definitely a great piece if you want something classic with a little extra style. fold-mid-black-riz-silicon-neoprene-0000-1a63

I highly recommend checking out the United Nude website. You will certainly find something special that looks like it came right out of the glossy pages of a fashion magazine, but unlike in the magazines you can afford it.




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