Unboxing: Rent the Runway Unlimited



Rent the Runway’s Unlimited Program is one of the best services for fashion lovers. That is because it lets you wear designer pieces for a more affordable monthly price, and it gives you the ability to trade those pieces out as much as you want. I have been a part of this program from the very beginning and although it is quite an expensive monthly rate ($139) I have never once questioned my decision to sign up. This month I had an especially good shipment including a coat, a handbag, and a dress.


The coat I received is by Tory Burch ($695), and is oversized which happens to be very on-trend this season. This has a very sophisticated look which is true of all Tory Burch designs. The coat is quite warm but because of the lower neckline it is best to wear it with a scarf on colder days. This is a truly gorgeous piece that will get you numerous compliments.


The handbag I received with this shipment is by Rebecca Minkoff ($395). You might be aware of her designs because her handbags have been quite popular in the past few years. In general her designs have a slightly edgy look that still manage to look feminine. I like that her handbags are perfect for everyday and that the interiors have been thoughtfully laid out (a huge fault in many handbags). The one I received is a satchel and is quite large, with a baby blue leather exterior and a butterfly patterned lining on the interior (that I must admit looks a little grandma). The functionality and look of this bag is excellent, and it fits so much stuff that I can’t fill it without making it ridiculously heavy. I’ll admit I’ve never had a problem with weight with my usual bags (in comparison they’re minuscule), but I always have to edit them heavily because I can’t fit my heart’s desires.


The last item I received is a dress by Opening Ceremony ($395). This dress has a fit-and-flare style (that is very 50s) and is made from neoprene which helps to give the dress more structure. I love the pattern of the women’s faces, and when you look closely at the dress you will see these faces are made from symbols such as these: {@]. This is perfect to wear on date night or anytime you feel like dressing up. An absolutely gorgeous piece that is comfortable too.


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  1. partimeparisian says:

    I have been wanting to sign up for unlimited! Great to hear such a good review of it. Xx bisous partimeparisian

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