The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition


On Sunday morning I was lucky enough to attend The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery in London. This event will go down as the best exhibition I have ever been to. The exhibit was spectacular because it was executed perfectly from the garden outside, to the small amount of people allowed in each room, and to the impeccable detail that was put into this exhibit.


The exhibit was fascinating because it told a story, from the very beginning of Chanel to how the brand got to where it is today. At the beginning of the exhibit you walk through rooms that have sophisticated cartoons on the walls made to look like her first shops, and each room has a narration of what her life was like during those periods. As you walk further into the exhibit it becomes more abstract, there are black rooms with little writings on the walls, and a room with a large spinning necklace that represents one of Chanel’s first diamond necklace designs. My favorite room was one with black and white fabrics hanging from the ceiling because you are able to touch the fabric and feel how luxurious it is.


On the second floor there is a display of haute couture gowns in one room and in the other there are ad campaigns of celebrities posted on the outer walls and their corresponding outfits and jewelry displayed on mannequins in the room’s center. It was wonderful being able to see the beautiful gowns on display and the detail that went into making them. It is so common to pass a luxury brand while walking down a street in a city but it is rare to be able to see the pieces up close and personal without being glared at by security guards for not having the look of money. Being able to see the garments in person as opposed to when they go down the runway makes it easy to see why they are so expensive, it’s because they are truly special and a sight to behold.



This exhibition is a must see if you happen to be in London and is open until November 1st. The exhibit is free and is open everyday from 10am-6pm, and be sure to get there on the early side (before 11). Otherwise you will be standing in line with hundreds of other people for a minimum of 3 hours, whereas when I arrived around 10:30 I only had to wait 35 min to get in. The experience was truly remarkable.



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  1. nainamahal says:

    Hi! I just wrote a post about my experience at mademoiselle prive, but luckily i didn’t have to wait a queue as long as that! Please give it a read if you can. thanks X

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    1. I just finished reading your post and I really enjoy your enthusiasm for your blog. I think you have a good voice in your writing, but I’m going to give you a small amount of constructive criticism (in the most positive way). I think the success of your blog will increase if you find a way to tell a story. Your thoughts are clear and ideas are good but they need a little more flow.

      I have followed your blog and look forward to seeing the posts you create down the road. Wish you the best of luck!

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