Monthly Favorites: September


During the month of September I tried numerous new products and loved almost all of them, and because the month has come to an end I’m going to share the items that really stood out from the rest. I’m including my favorite beauty products, fashion items, and other random little things that I enjoyed last month.


For skincare products I have been on a bit of a Kate Somerville craze. Her products are made from the highest quality ingredients and her range includes products for every skin type and problem you might have. My skin is oily and acne prone so I have been using her anti blemish products, my favorites are EradiKate ($24) and the Daily Detox Cleanser ($34). EradiKate is the best spot treatment I have ever used (including prescription treatments) and clears up my breakouts like nothing else. This does have a potent smell and will leave your skin looking very spotty but all of those are worth it because of the results (click here if you want to read a full review). I also love the Daily Detox Cleanser because it has a pleasant tangerine scent and does a great job of cleansing and clearing up my skin. This definitely gets the job done and isn’t so harsh that you can’t use it everyday, although I would invest in a good moisturizer to make sure you don’t dry your skin out.


Another skincare product I have been loving that is not by Kate Somerville, is Origins’ Original Skin Retexturing Mask ($25). This is a rose clay (yes yet another rose product) with little grainy particles that exfoliate your skin when you apply it and when you wash it off. This will refine the skin’s texture, give skin a beautiful glow, and shrink the appearance of pores. Origins is one of my favorite skincare brands because the products are natural, not overly harsh, and get the job done well. The last skincare products I have been obsessing over are L’oréal sunscreens, in particular the Clear Cool Lotion with SPF 50+ ($10.99) and the Invisible Protect Dry Oil Spray with SPF 30 ($5.39). I apply The Clear Cool Lotion on my face and neck every morning, the reason I love this sunscreen is that it has high SPF, applies clear, and it leaves a cooling sensation. Although I will say I hate the smell (it has a very strong sunscreen scent) but it disappears pretty quickly so that is not a deal breaker. I use the Invisible Protect Dry Oil Spray with SPF 30 on the rest of my body. I should use this everyday but I tend to only wear it if I have a lot of skin exposed or if I am going to be in the sun for a significant amount of time. I love this product because it moisturizes my skin, leaves a subtle shine, and smells amazing. Definitely a good product to try if you are looking for something that works as more than a sunscreen.



This month I don’t have a lot of new makeup products that I have been using, but I do have a few that I have recently fallen in love with again. One of those products is Nars’ Matte Multiple in the shade Altai ($39), (a light tan shade that has been discontinued). The Matte Multiple is a cream stick product that I have been using for contouring. I apply this with my fingertips and then blend it out with Real Technique’s Sculpting Brush ($10). I find the cream to be an easier product to blend than powders and that it looks more natural. Another product I have recently started using again is Revlon’s Colorburst Balm Stain in the shade Honey ($5.69). This has recently become my favorite everyday lip color because it has a your lips but better color, wears beautifully, and the texture is comfortable on the lips. It is one of those products that has no fuss and can be applied without a second thought.


The only fashion item I have been wearing excessively this month are my new Ariat Ready to Go Ankle Boots ($219.95). I think these are the most beautiful heels and they are shockingly comfortable. They wear beautifully with casual and more dressed up looks making these versatile enough to wear almost everyday and are perfect for many occasions.


Another thing I have been enjoying this month is the TV show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Miss Fisher’s is an Australian show set in Melbourne during the 1920s. The story follows Phryne Fisher, a modern woman for the times, who decides to become a female private detective. I love this show because it is extremely well done and if you enjoy murder mysteries, period pieces, and fashion you too will adore this charming little show (available for streaming on Netflix).


The last thing I have been loving this month is Kusmi’s Detox Tea ($20.90) which is a blend of maté, green tea, and lemon grass. I discovered this while in Paris last year and picked it up after hearing that it is a favorite of a lot of supermodels (pretty great endorsement if you ask me) so of course I had to try it. It has a really nice smell, the highlight being a subtle lemony scent, it also tastes delicious like a green tea with something special. My incentive to drink this is high not only because it is better for my teeth (I tend to drink black tea) but also because it has the magical term “detox” (how could I ever ignore such a bold marketing term). Needless to say I drink this everyday without fail, it’s a good thing it tastes delicious.


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