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For weeks I have been on the pursuit for the perfect pair of booties (boot with heels). Black boots are very on trend this fall, especially with an open toe or cutouts by the ankle, meaning that there was no shortage of options to choose from this season. I was looking for a black pair that was reasonably affordable with a detail that made it unique, and that had a good sized heel but was still walkable. I finally decided to buy Ariat’s Ready to Go Ankle Boot ($219.95). I purchased this on and was a little worried when there were no reviews (buying shoes online can be risky) but I am delighted to say these boots are everything I hoped for.

I love the look of these shoes. They have a nice strap detail and a buckle that distinguishes them from other boots on the market. The heel isn’t too significant at 3” but I love that it has the high heel look I was searching for. I found many other good pairs that had a lower heel (roughly 2”) that seemed like a more comfortable option but they never had quite the right look, I think the 3” will be a good compromise of comfort and style. I purchased these in a size 9 (my usual size) and find them to be a good fit. However you won’t be able to get away with wearing thick socks since it makes the shoe feel too narrow to comfortably wear all day.

I have been breaking them in this past week and have worn them almost everyday and I have to say I am shocked at how comfortable they are. Don’t get me wrong they still hurt your feet like every other heel you’ll ever wear, but the discomfort is easily ignored unlike another pair I own where I can barely make it out of the house. These are great stylish booties that can be worn with an array of outfits and work for everyday wear and for long (but not significant) walks without the worry of feeling uncomfortable. Once these are fully broken in I think I could realistically walk at least 2 miles in them and make it through an entire day without a problem (mind you I am not an avid high heel walker). 

I am really excited about this purchase and I think I will be able to get years of wear out of these. If you too are looking for the perfect pair of black booties I have listed some good options below that won’t completely blow the bank.


M.Gemi’s The Letto ($298) 3.35″


M.Gemi’s The Arco ($298) 4″


Vince Camuto’s Franell Western Bootie ($158.95) 3″


Topshop’s Harper Buckle Ankle Boot ($135) 3″


Louise et Cie’s Vianne Bootie ($158.95) 3″


Dolce Vita’s Port Open Toe Bootie ($179.95) 3 1/2″


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  1. Hi! Thought I’d stop by to say I really enjoyed going through your post; very cool and interesting (and stylish too!) keep it up!!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Cute selection of booties

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    1. I looked at your blog after reading this, and I thought it was wonderful! I like that you write about modern trends while also making historical references, it adds a great amount of charm to your blog.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed my post!

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