New Purchase: Makeup


Along with the many skincare products I purchased this past month I also bought a few makeup products. I bought myself an eyeshadow palette, mascara, setting spray, and received two lip pencils as a gift.




I purchased yet another Tom Ford product while at the Cosmetic Company Store this month. I ended up getting the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette in the shade 11 Lavender Lust which retails for $80, but I got it for $55. As I have said repeatedly The Cosmetic Company Store sells everything at a discount. Some of their products were discontinued, some are limited edition collections, and some are products that had a surplus.

The shadows in this Tom Ford palette have great pigmentation (the camera didn’t show the shadow swatches accurately so I’m not posting that picture), blend easily, and look great with my blue eyes. I don’t tend to wear purple eyeshadow but I’m finding that I like the change. I love how versatile this palette is because the shadows can be applied lightly or intensely, subtly purple or VERY purple. I tend to apply this lightly in a way that gives my eyes an everyday smokey look that is perfect for an evening out but can still be worn during the day (for no apparent reason).



When I visited Sephora a few weeks ago they gave me my birthday gift despite my birthday being in September (not August). If you weren’t aware Sephora gives out birthday gifts when you make a purchase during your birthday month when you are a VIB member. This year they are giving out two Nars Lip Pencils, one is the satin formula in the shade Rikugien (a rose pink) and the other is the velvet matte formula in the shade Cruella (a scarlet red). If you haven’t already tried out Nars Lip Pencils I highly recommend you do because the quality and pigmentation are amazing. Both formulas are comfortable to wear on the lips but the velvet matte formula lasts a lot longer.


While at the drugstore I decided to try a new mascara. After staring at all the displays forever I finally decided on L’oreal’s Extra Volume Collagen Plumping Mascara. This mascara adds volume, length, and makes your lashes look fuller. This is one of the messiest mascaras I’ve ever applied but I really like the results. It gives your eyes a sexy smudgy look (after you clean up the mess it makes during application) and lasts through almost anything despite not being waterproof. I really like the look of this but I wish it wasn’t so messy to apply.



I bought another L’oreal product while at the drugstore, the Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray. This is actually the only product I’ve purchased this past month that I really don’t like. I heard such wonderful things about this spray during the summer, how it’s spray is light and even, how it sets your makeup and lasts all day, and that it doesn’t cause breakouts. After using this a few times I only agree with one thing I read, that it’s spray is light and even. This setting spray caused some of the largest most painful blemishes I’ve had and it didn’t even succeed in setting my makeup all day, by mid afternoon my skin would be super shiny. Granted I have oily blemish prone skin but I never had issues with the Urban Decay Setting Sprays, and I was hoping the L’oreal version would be a more affordable option. Despite my bad experience with this product, if you don’t have oily blemish prone like I do maybe your experience with this setting spray will be more like the many positive reviews I read all summer long.


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  1. What a Bummer about the Setting spray! I’ve heard a lot of not so good reviews on that product! But on the other hand the Tom Ford palette looks stunning!! Also happy birthday! I got the birthday gift this month too! 🙂 I already own one of the matte lip pencils so I was so excited when they announced this would be the birthday present this year! Thanks for sharing your haul!

    Xx Dani Elle

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