Have You Tried Apple Music?

On June 30th Apple released their new music program, Apple Music. There are two plans: individual for $9.99/month or family for $14.99/month that can have up to 6 family members (just so you know, with the family plan all members must be connected to the same credit card which makes it more difficult to share it with friends). With Apple Music you have access to over 30 million songs including most favorites whether they are current or classics (I have yet to find an artist that wasn’t available). You can listen over wifi or data, or you can download the music straight to your music library as though you bought it from iTunes.

Because this is a brand new program there have been a few bugs (which is to be expected), but soon there should be updates to fix those minor problems. I definitely prefer Apple Music to Spotify, the library is more extensive and I like that it integrates into the music library on my phone and on my computer. It also has a more sophisticated look than Spotify. It does take a little time to get used to how this program functions, but soon you will become a pro. I highly suggest looking into this program, and if you need more incentive the first 90 days are free.


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