Favorite Candles

I only recently fell in love with candles. I really don’t know what took me so long, but I have certainly made up for lost time. I now use them regularly because I find the scent to be relaxing while I’m working at my desk.

I have a small obsession to roses. To me they smell divine and feel feminine and classic. Because of this I have been gifted a fair number of rose scented candles and have also purchased some of my own. My two favorites are Yankee Candle’s True Rose ($27.99) and Diptyque’s Roses ($30).

My other favorite candles in my collection are more unique. I received one as a point perk from Sephora, it is Tocca’s Cleopatra ($38) and has a grapefruit and cucumber scent. The scent is very fresh and uplifting. Another I bought while in Yellowstone, It is a Huckleberry scented candle ($9). If you’ve never heard of Huckleberries, they look similar to blueberries but have a different scent and flavor and are mostly grown in Montana. I love that this candle makes my room smell like pie. Weirdly it doesn’t make me crave pie, perhaps it tricks my mind into thinking I’ve already had some (whatever works is fine with me).

Unfortunately the other candles in my collection are limited edition, and because you won’t be able to purchase those specific candles I won’t post them. However if you are searching for good candles my other favorite brands are Bath & Body Works, Nest, and Jo Malone.


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