New Purchase: Burberry

I have been in search of Burberry shadows (in store) for many months, but unfortunately the various department and Burberry retail stores near me never have them. Until today; I was visiting the Chicago area and happened to stop by the Oakbrook Mall and while walking through Nordstrom I happened to find the Burberry counter, and all my dreams came true.

I have been on the lookout for Burberry shadows ever since I saw essiebutton mention them in one of her videos. And once again I became entranced by her product recommendations (she gets me every time).

Because Burberry makeup was so hard to find in stores I thought about giving in and buying them online, but I really wanted to see the color selection in person to make the best decision (and not end up with a shade I already own). After seeing them in person I decided on No.204 Mulberry, which is a beautiful slightly shimmery medium purple shade. This eyeshadow is one of their Wet & Dry Silk Shadows and costs $29.

The packaging is gorgeous but for $29 that is to be expected. It comes in a black velvet sleeve with the signature Burberry pattern, and the shadow is placed in a fairly heavy reflective metal casing that also has the Burberry pattern on it (the case opens to slightly more than a 90 degree angle). There is also a small mirror inside the case and comes with a foam tip applicator. I’ve been playing with the shadow today and find it easily blends and can be applied sheer or bold depending on how you blend and if you apply it dry or wet. When applied lightly it works as a wash of color all over the lid and when applied darker it works well blended into the crease. It is a versatile shadow, and I am already in love.


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