Rent the Runway: Unlimited

I recently subscribed to Rent the Runway‘s newest program, Unlimited. Unlimited allows you to rent 3 designer items from their jewelry, bags, and outerwear collections at a time. Whenever you decide to change out an item, you just send it back in a prepaid UPS pouch and they will exchange it for a new item right away. It is a very expensive program costing $75 a month, but for my first shipment I received a necklace, leather jacket, and large bag that was valued at $1600. $75 is a lot to spend on a monthly basis, but for the quality of the pieces you receive it is a fair price to pay.

What I love about Unlimited, is that is gives you the opportunity to try out new trends without spending all of your money on one quality piece that you only use for a single season. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to try out new trends and styles without the commitment.

*Pictures courtesy of Rent the Runway



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